All of Sandra's jewelry is individually designed and meticulously handcrafted and is original in concept and execution utilizing traditional and ancient jewelry-making techniques. Even though all of her work is one-of-a-kind, if a piece is shown "sold", a similar one usually can be custom ordered.

Pins, Pendants & Sets
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  Sterling silver pin/pendant
  $250 (sold)


Sterling silver, 24 and 14 k gold, pearls



spiculum pendant


Sterling Silver, fresh water pearl spiculum pendant.



  Sterling silver/drusy pendant
$375 (sold)

Copper and Antique Button (Japan) pin/pendant
Dancers in Contrast

$175 (sold)

Pendant with chain: Sterling and reticulated silver, carnelian. Your choice of stone.
$425 (sold)

Pin/Pendant Choker and earrings: Sterling silver, 24K gold, 14 K gold,fresh water pearls.

Leda & the Swan
Choker, $450. Earrings, $175. (sold)

sterling and pearl pendant



Sterling silver, 14K, 22K pearl pin/pendant with 14K GF chain
Item #38

Sterling silver, pearl pendant with chain
Item #42
$175 (sold)

Pendant: Sterling silver & dichroic glass
Blue Green
$200 (sold)

Pin/Pendant: Sterling silver. 14K gold. Sterling silver chain included. Please specify 18", 20" or 24" chain.
Angel 1

  Sterling silver/pearl pendant
White Lace
  $195 (sold)

Sterling silver & pearl pin/pendant with chain
Item #18

Pin/Pendant: Dichroic glass, sterling silver & vintage glass bead
Rose Trois
$175 (sold)

Choker: Dichroic glass, sterling silver.
Celestial Marine
$195 (sold)

Dichroic glass and sterling silver pendant
Pendant 1
$150 (sold)

Pin/Pendant with Choker: Sterling silver, 24 K gold, and dichroic glass
Passion of Venus

Copper Pendants

$75 each

Pin: Sterling silver, 14K gold.
Angel 2

Pin: Sterling silver
Audrey Dress Pendant

Pin: Sterling silver and K gold
Crocodile with Smile
$250 (sold)

Sterling Silver Pin
White Horse
$250 (sold)

14k gold, black onyx, enamel.
Custom design of your pet.

Item Name: Puppy for Claudia
14KG Pendant - $650
14KG Earrings - $500
Sterling Silver Pendant - $300
Sterling Silver Earrings - $250


Pin: Sterling silver, copper, turquoise.
Item Name: Luminous Artemis

Pin/Pendant: Copper, sterling silver & pearl.
Heart with Wing
$200 (sold)

Pin: Copper, sterling silver.
Enchanted Mists

Pin/Pendant & Earrings: Sterling silver, steel, glass
Maria Celeste
Pin: $150 Earrings: $225

Pin/Pendant and earrings: Sterling silver, glass, pearls.

Cocoon Mist (sold)
Pin/Pendant: $200
Earrings: $75



Necklace: Sterling silver, 24 K Gold, 14 K Gold, fresh water pearls.
Moon Mist
$500 (sold)

Evening Bag: Sterling silver, 24 K gold (8"X6")

Contours of One's Inner Life
Call for pricing

Bronze Bell
Belle of the Ball

Bracelets and Rings
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Sterling silver/pearl bracelet I
Allure of the Mermaid
$650 (sold, can be custom ordered to wrist size)

Sterling silver bracelet
Item #101-1

Sterling silver, pearl bracelet III
Allure of the Mermaid II
$650 (sold, can be custom ordered)

Ring: Sterling silver, 22k gold, ruby
Red & Gold Dots
$750 (sold)

18K and opal. Assorted stones available.
Blue Ring

Sterling silver ring
$125 (sold)

Sterling silver and 5 pearl ring

Sterling silver and pearl ring
$150 (sold)

Sterling silver, pearl & 22K gold pearl ring
Item #102
$195 (sold)

Sterling silver & 22KG granulation ring
Item #59

Sterling silver, pearl ring
Item #62
$200 (sold)

Sterling silver, pearl ring
Item #64P
$195 (sold)

Rings| Pins, Pendants & Sets | Other | Earrings

Earrings: Sterling silver, seed pearls.
She Could Be Seen Coming and Going
$450 (sold)

Earrings: Sterling silver, pearls.

Earrings: Peridot, sterling and Argentium Silver
Sea Forms
$150 (sold)

Sterling silver and pearl earrings
$125 (sold)

Sterling silver and pearl earrings
White Lace Earrings
$175 (sold)

Sterling silver, glass and pearl earrings

Earrings: 14K gold filled, pearl, garnet.
Item #49
$175 (sold)

Earrings: Sterling silver, reticulated silver, pearls.
Item #52
$95 (sold)

Earrings: Sterling silver, pearls.
Item #63

Earrings: Pearls, sterling and reticulated silver
Item #66
$95 (sold)