Sandra & David's Classes

Our jewelry and metals classes are among the most comprehensive in the Midwest. David and I love teaching and we each have over 25 years experience.
Our 1,800 sq. ft. loft studio has lots of natural light, and all the equipment and tools you will need.

We are also offering workshops at the below listed art schools.

The Portable Shrine

Locket Making Workshop

Saturday and Sunday
April 18 and 19
10:30 am to 6 pm

David Brand & Sandra Picciano-Brand

Whether it's a photograph or a special keepsake, lockets are made to hold life's precious treasures. 

Inspired by our trips to Mexico, its folklore, art and culture, this workshop will give you the opportunity to express your artistic vision, while learning several challenging metalsmithing techniques.

The project involves hydraulic die forming, hinge and catch making, roller printing, sawing and soldering. You will be especially proud of the increased soldering skills you'll have the opportunity to learn.

All tools and materials are provided for the workhshop, but we recommend you bring what basic tools you have, such as pliers, files, etc.

We will work with brass, copper, and nickel silver (a copper alloy).

  Opened lockets resemble a butterfly with the two halves referred to as wings.

Workshop fee: $250, including all materials.
To insure a space, please send a deposit of $125 to:
65 Stoddard Ave.
Dayton, OH  45405
Information: (937) 222-9176 
Studio: 1000 E. 2nd Street
Dayton, OH  45402


Lost Wax Casting
Spring Session
For Jewelry and Small-Scale Sculpture
Front Street Studio
1000 E. 2nd Street
Dayton, Ohio 45405
(937) 222-9176

Eight-week course
Monday Classes, 7-9:30 PM, beginning April27
Thursday Classes, 1-3:30 PM, beginning April 30

Learn to make jewelry and small sculpture using the lost wax technique. Emphasis is on creating your own design in wax using such techniques as carving and modeling, or working with sheet wax.

The wax is imbedded in a plaster-like material and then burned away. This leaves a space inside the plaster into which the metal is poured. After breaking away the plaster, the final object is cleaned and polished or patinaed as desired.

Jewelry is usually cast in silver, but there will be a class session devoted to casting bronze items.
(up to 6").
Limited to 9 students. Eight-week class.
Class fee, $250, includes the lab/materials for everything except your metal, which can be purchased from the instructor at cost.

Soldering Intensive for Jewelry
Ring Making
Rosewood Arts Centre
Kettering, Ohio
(937) 296-0294

Four-week course
Beginning April 8, 2015
Wednesday evenings, 7 PM to 9 PM

Silver soldering is one of the most important techniques for the metals/jewelry student to master. You'll learn to make a bezel with a set stone on a band ring and have a lovely finished piece at the end of the course.

Basic sawing and filing skills are required.
Limited to 12 students
$105/resident; $115/non-resident
$45 materials fee due to instructors at first class. This will include the sterling silver and stone needed for the project.
Please call Rosewood, (937) 296-0294

Beginning Jewelry Making

Rosewood Arts Centre
Kettering, OH
(937) 296-0294

Learn the basics of metalsmithing while creating a pendant or earrings. You'll also learn fold forming to create a cuff bracelet.

Beginning October 21, 2015